2021 Recap


We bundled bestsellers & new design matching sets to help you get your dream pieces for a deal!

FEBRUARY releases

Our minimalist designs were some of your favorite & we launched the PAPERCLIP Set & it was an instant hit!

March - 6 Days of Spring Sale

We held our first spring sale event. We launched a new item every day & each launch sold out.

In April...

We relaunched an old favorite, the LAKE Set. This set has all the twisted elements we love. Brass, leather & tumbled glass.

LAKE Bracelet

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Tumbled recycled glass inspired by an icy cold Alpine lake combined with hearty reclaimed leather.

NOTE: tumbled glass will vary in shape and size. 

  • Recycled glass
  • 8" L


LAKE Necklace

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Inspired by an icy cold Alpine Lake, this darling piece features a light blue tumbled recycled glass that delicately hangs on a brass chain. The hearty reclaimed leather and "Y" shape give this necklace a distinctive look. Add some charm to your style with this beauty.

NOTE: tumbled glass will vary in shape and size.

  • Brass and tumbled glass
  • 30" L


Maui in May...

While in Hawaii, Debra gathered new inspiration & materials for new designs. It's here that she designed the new hair pin category.

In June...

StillStone: After Debra spent months in Miami gathering hundreds of sandstone rocks, the StillStone design was finally ready to launch!


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BE STILL with this StillStone Necklace. Sandstone collected from the beach in Miami by Debra herself. 

  • StillStone Necklace 30" L
  • Each sandstone varies in shape, color, and size.

The StillStone Necklace is convertible and can be worn a number of ways!

1. Wear it long. 

2. Wear it scarfed.

3. Wear it double-wrapped and clasped in front.

4. Unclasp the StillStone and clasp it to your favorite chain (ie. Classic Necklace).

(Options 1-3 pictured.)

In July...

Mining Mica in Wyoming: Debra found mica one day on a hike in Wyoming & was able to mine enough to design & launch the MIRROR Set.

Ambassador August

With your help we created an amazing community of Twisted Silver ambassadors!


Men have always been taking bits of chain & bracelets but in September we officially launched a unisex line that everyone loves!

Twisted In Hollywood

The Twisted team took Hollywood at the Emmys & George Lopez's Golf Tournament.

South Africa Inspirations

Debra spent the holidays & the new year in South Africa. She's gathering inspiration for upcoming designs.

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