Why brass?

Twisted Silver is more than just jewelry... it's energy!

Our bodies have a measurable electromagnetic field, and we design with that in mind. Brass is an excellent conductor of energy that we have used since we started in 2002. 

Long acknowledged by age-old cultures and traditions such as Yoga and ancient Egypt, its benefits are beginning to be confirmed by modern science.



At Twisted Silver, we embrace the perfectly imperfect!

Brass is "alive" and may tarnish. It naturally reacts to moisture, your body's chemistry, and the oils in your skin. This is actually a sign of the authenticity of your brass.  

Some people embrace the tarnished look, while others prefer it shiny.

To remove tarnish:
Wash with warm water and dish soap. Make sure to dry thoroughly.
Alternatively clean with vinegar and salt. Rinse and dry well. 

To add shine AND remove tarnish:
Gently wash with lemon juice and salt. Rinse with warm water and dry.
Effective brass cleaning solutions are also available commercially.
OR pick up a polishing cloth from our website (recommended).

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