Handmade & Upcycled Jewelry

Debra loves giving old metal new life. When you are wearing Twisted Silver it's not just Jewelry. It's a handcrafted metal piece that finds new life in you.

Our Most-Loved

CAPTURE Necklace
CLASSIC Necklace
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CAPTURE Bracelet
7 Bracelet
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GYPSY Necklace
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Stability & Beauty



Three classic rings hanging from a luscious vintage chain are some of our favorite go-to earrings.

Unsure what color to start with?

Here is what we suggest:

  • Dark hair - silver or brass will stick out best against dark hair. The dark brass might get lost in dark hair.
  • Light hair - dark brass or silver for the same reasons above. 

Available in brass, antiqued silver, and dark brass/copper.

  • Brass
  • 4.5" drop
  • 2.5" wide hoop
  • Pair weight: 0.7 oz


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"Who, can be this creative?"

"I’ve had this subscription for over a year now and I continue to be amazed every month at the creativity of what I get each month!! I can barely get to the mail first because my daughter beats me every time. The packaging is almost as cute as the jewelry!! Keep up the great work and keep wowing me!! "