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KEY Necklace



This vintage inspired key necklace is Twisted at its core. Stacks great with almost any other Twisted necklace.

Element:  Silver Plated Brass, recycled keys
Design Size:  2.5"
Length:  29"
Weight:  1 oz

**Accents and finishes may vary between brass or silver per the designer.


Made in U.S.A.

Twisted Silver is proud to offer you a quality, products made in the USA.


Skillfully crafted by our talented staff and never mass produced.


Crafted from 100% recycled materials. Repurposing what other toss away.

Are you ready to get Twisted?

We're not just a business, we're a family.
Twisted Silver wants to give you, our family, the best quality product at the best price. 

KEY Necklace - Twisted Silver Jewelry

KEY Necklace